Website Management

Once your web site is completed, how do you update it? Simple Net provide a number of options and can assure you that we shall continue to assist and support your website project post development:

1. Simple Net maintains your website - we offer a number of web site maintenance packages that give you great rates and great service. Simply email, phone, fax or mail your changes and Simple Net will have them implemented within 24 to 48 hours.

2. Manage important sections (News & Events, Contact Details, Prices and Services) of the web page through a custom built content management systems.

3. Manage the entire web site internally using development software (Dreamweaver or Frontpage) or using content management software (Custom Built or Macromedia Contribute). Simple Net can assist with implementation, training and ongoing support of your content management system.

What ever option you choose you can be sure that Simple Net will be available for support, advice and guidance, we are a total management solution provider!