Website Analysis & Design

Research & Analysis

The world wide web is a rapidly expanding medium of information, entertainment and commerce. It is very important that your business understands the aims and goals of their website projects. Our experienced Business Analysts and Project Managers will work in partnership with you to analyse and design the feel and functionality of your web site. Our aim is to understand your web requirements and provide tailored and effective solutions to meet your needs.


A clear project process and management system is essential for quality web development. Simple Net uses the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodology on all projects to ensure that each phase is completed on time and within budget. The SDLC also ensures precise and timely reporting to key stakeholders throughout the project.

The SDLC consists of the following phases:

  • System Planing
  • Analysis & Design
  • Evaluation & Selection
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation and Review


Simple Net continues to research and evaluate the Information Technology & Web sector and the products that are produced in order to offer our clients the best, most affordable and timely solutions. Simple Net attends world wide Information and Web technology trade fairs and conferences ensuring that we remain up to date with technological advancements around the world. We also ensure that we are up to date with all website and information technology publications, reports and white papers.


Simple Net websites are designed to inspire and motivate your target audience. The information collected during the analysis and research meeting will be used to ensure that the designs fulfill your requirements. Our creative and innovative design team will achieve this by utilising all tools available to enhance graphics, animations, colours and film/sounds. The designs will also have a high emphasis on ease of navigation and will consider your target audience needs and level of web use, therefore not frustrating them.

The following will also be applied to the design:

  • Web safe colours will be used;
  • Web accessibility standards will be adhered to (;
  • Designed and optimised for multiple browser use
  • Web standards and policies shall be followed and enforced

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Analysis Documentation

Simple Net prepares detailed analysis documents to ensure that the website project has a secure and solid foundation on which to be developed. Documentation may include: information model, workflow maps, database schemas, navigational map, software architecture, technology and infrastructure guide.